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72 Passenger School Bus For Rent

School Bus Rentals

Looking to rent a school bus? Need a bus for large group transportation that won't break the bank? School buses have been a reliable form of group transportation for many years and continue to be so. Check out our large selection of various types of school buses. We have mini school buses, regular school buses that can seat up to 72 passengers and even party school buses. See which kind suits your needs the best.

School buses vary in size, ranging from 15 passenger mini buses to 72 passenger double-deckers. These large vehicles are used primarily for field trips and events.

Most of us know that the standard yellow school bus is designed to carry 72 passengers, but what you may not know is that today’s school bus fleet includes a variety of sizes to meet diverse student transportation needs.

Types of School Buses For Hire

We have many school buses to choose from in our fleet. Whether you need a mini school bus or short bus to carry a small group of people somewhere or a full size school bus to take an entire class for a field trip or school related event we have the right bus for you. Perform a search using the form below and find a school bus near you for your special event. If you prefer a more luxurious means of transportation, we also have 50 and 60 passenger charter bus rentals available. View all charter buses here!

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Party School Bus

Perhaps you're looking for something more fun, exciting and extravagant? Our school party buses are an awesome experience. These school buses have been fully renovated inside with amenities like wood floors, leather seats, dance poles, lights, TVs and much more. You won't even realize you're in a school bus anymore with how much fun you and your guests will be having! Take a look at our fleet and see if we have one of these amazing school party buses near you. In addition to school buses and bus charters we also offer 60 passenger party buses!

So you need a school bus, but not just any school bus will do. You have a large student body, and your district requires the transportation of students over long distances on a regular basis. You need the right equipment to make this operation run smoothly. You could go with a traditional full size school bus, but these are often more than you really need for your specific requirements. What you really need is a transit style school bus that provides similar capacity without all the unnecessary bells and whistles (do you really want your kids riding around with an air horn?). A 72 seat passenger school bus might be just what you're looking for!

Still not sure if a 72 passenger transit style school bus is right for your needs? Well then keep reading because we're going to take an in depth look at why it should be.

How Much Is A School Bus Rental?

The prices will vary depending on where you're renting the school bus from as well as what kind of bus you need. Regular school buses are much cheaper than the party bus versions for obvious reasons. The time you need the bus for will be the biggest factor in determining the price. Check to see if there are hourly minimums to rent these vehicles and factor in your plans so you can get the best deal possible. Get a free quote for a school bus today by filling out the form below!

In the world of school buses, a 72 passenger school bus can be almost anything. There are several types of 72-seat school buses, but each varies only in its chassis type.

The seven most common types of 72-seat school buses include: