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Looking for a reliable form of transportaion for groups of around 12-14 passengers? A sprinter bus is the perfect choice! They come in all kinds of varieties from simple transport vans to fancy party bus versions. Sprinter buses are one of the most popular and up & coming methods of transportation in the country. They are the new standard in vans due to their versatility. Make sure you find the right sprinter for your special occasion as we have many types and models to choose from.

Why Rent a Sprinter Bus?

Sprinters can be used for almost any type of event. Our Sprinter shuttle service or mini bus rentals can take you and your guests where they need to go in relative comfort and safety. If you're throwing a birthday party, bachelor party or any kind of celebration consider hiring a Spinter limo bus. They have interiors similar to limousines and party buses with all the similar amenities like flat screen TVs, a bar, custom lighting and an awesome sound system. These variants tend to cary around 10 passengers so if you need something bigger consider renting a party bus or charter bus for your affair.

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How Much Does A Sprinter Bus Rental Cost?

Sprinters vary widely in their features and amenities so their cost will also vary widely. The city the sprinter bus is based in will change the base cost. Sprinter shuttle buses are much less expensive than their limo bus counterparts due to the extra amenities and running cost. Depending on the type of bus there may be a minimum number of hours required to rent it. Check your plan and determine which sprinter bus type you need the most. To check and see what's in your area fill out the form below and get a free quote today!

Popular Service Areas

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Sprinter Limo Bus Service

For those who are still skeptical about the idea of renting a limo, there are several reasons why such a decision can make all the difference. First and foremost, there is the degree of luxury that such a rental can bring with it. Secondly, a limo bus can also help you in terms of convenience. For example, if you are going to an event as part of a big group, then going in separate vehicles may not be very feasible or practical. If you want to go to your event as part of one big group and have some fun while doing so, then getting yourself a limo bus is certainly something that will be well worth looking into.

Why Rent a Sprinter Bus

If you want to book a little limo bus, go ahead and use the online reservation service or another business that allows you to book it. But if you're looking for a special experience, then go with Sprinter Bus Service. For just $125 per week and up, you can rent one of their classy Sprinter buses with everything.

How Much Does A Sprinter Bus Rental Cost?

With all things considered, including the type of vehicle you are renting and the time of day and week that you are booking it for, your price for renting a Sprinter bus should be in the range of about $180 an hour, on average.

Limo Sprinter Passenger Counts

The largest Sprinter Van is the 14 passenger. It can accommodate up to 14 passengers or 20 passenger +. With a large rear door and high roof, this Sprinter is great for transporting equipment.

The 12 passenger Sprinter has 2 bench seats that seat 6 people each, for a total of 12 passengers. It also includes an overhead luggage rack and AC/heat controls in the rear seating area.

The Limo style Sprinter has 3 bench seats facing one another that seat 4-5 people per row (total of 12). Similar to a limousine, it has bar areas on either side, climate controls in the rear seating area and several TVs mounted throughout the interior.

Our 9 passenger Sprinters have 2 bench seats that seat 4-5 people each (total of 9), AC/heat controls in the rear seating area and overhead luggage racks in both rows of seating.

Wedding Sprinter Bus

Like other sprinter party buses, our wedding sprinter bus is 15 passenger Mercedes Benz that has all the amenities you could possible imagine on a vehicle. It can be used for many different occasions but it’s most commonly rented as a wedding shuttle service. When it comes to your special day you want to make sure everything goes exactly as planned, and when it comes to transportation we can be of great help.

Sports Games Executive Sprinter Van

The Mercedes Sprinter is a versatile vehicle with the ability to be customized to your needs. The Mercedes Sprinter is a van that was designed from the ground up to be a passenger van. This design feature allows the drivers to navigate through cities and parks and into areas where most buses cannot go.

Its tall body, wide stance, and ergonomic entryway allow for maximized seating capacity. Whether you need to seat as many people as possible or want it configured with luxury seats and amenities, there is an option for you.